Krivit & Krivit, P.C. was established in 1976 by Daniel Krivit, former chief counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittees on Labor and Education. From its inception, the firm’s mission has been to serve the diverse needs of its clients before federal and state regulatory agencies, the United States Congress and the courts. Krivit & Krivit has represented a broad range of public and private sector clients throughout the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our clients have included local and state governments, redevelopment authorities, municipal housing authorities, utilities authorities, school boards and post-secondary educational institutions, non-profit hospitals and community health centers, faith-based and other non-profit organizations, private developers and for-profit corporations.

The firm is recognized for its effective legal advocacy on federal legislative and public policy issues, as well as its record of success in the acquisition of federal and state competitive grants to assist local and regional public benefit projects. The firm’s legal expertise is focused in the arena of federal legislation and regulatory law affecting a broad array of programs of importance to local governments, non-profit organizations and corporate clients. Krivit & Krivit has also earned national recognition for its specialized expertise in defending local governments and non-profit grantees against federal and state claims for repayment of disallowed costs resulting from grantor agency and OIG program monitoring, audits and investigations of grant-funded activities and projects. Members of the firm have made numerous presentations and conducted training for senior audit and investigative staff of the federal Inspector Generals on evidentiary and other legal issues associated with audits and investigations of locally-administered grant activities.

In the grant acquisition arena, Krivit & Krivit has secured close to half a billion dollars in federal and state competitive grant funding awards for local public benefit projects. We also provide legal advocacy services for clients on federal legislation, public policy issues and appropriations assistance for public benefit projects.

At both the federal and state levels, Krivit & Krivit’s grant acquisition and regulatory compliance services have been focused in the areas of local and regional economic development and community revitalization, redevelopment of BRAC base closure sites, surface and marine transportation infrastructure improvements, environmental protection infrastructure construction, homeland security and public safety projects, pre-K-12 public education improvement initiatives, and community health center and public hospital projects.

An additional area of professional commitment by Krivit & Krivit is pro bono legal service to important projects of national significance, including post Hurricane Katrina relief and recovery efforts on behalf of a faith-based coalition including the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana, as well as our multi-year ongoing legislative advocacy efforts to promote coordinated academic research and support services for American children and families afflicted with Tourette’s Syndrome and related disorders.