Legal Practice Areas

Legal Advocacy

Krivit & Krivit provides legal advocacy on federal legislation, public policy issues, and appropriations assistance for local and regional public benefit projects. Our services include assistance on preparation of Congressional briefing documents on legislative and public policy issues, drafting proposed legislative provisions and amendments, assistance on preparation for testimony before Congressional hearings, Congressional liaison services, and representation of clients on regulatory and policy matters at the Executive Branch level.

Grant Acquisition

Krivit & Krivit provides a comprehensive array of professional services needed by clients to effectively compete for federal and state competitive grant funding for local public benefit projects. Our grant acquisition efforts to date have resulted in close to half a billion dollars in federal and state competitive grant awards for local governments and non-profit organizations in twenty States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In our grant acquisition practice area, we work with clients to identify appropriate federal and state grant programs, provide legal and technical assistance to ensure that proposed grant projects meet important competitive criteria and regulatory requirements, carry out pre-application and post-award liaison with cognizant federal and state program offices, prepare grant applications on behalf of clients or guide clients’ in-house grant-writing staff in the preparation of competitive applications, and provide coordination with key Congressional Delegation members and their senior staff on federal grant projects. Krivit & Krivit also provides post-award professional services to ensure effective grant management and compliance with grant provisions and regulatory requirements. To ensure that grant recipient clients receive the full benefit of their grant awards, Krivit & Krivit also provides legal services that may be needed to resolve adverse monitoring findings or claims by federal or state grantor agencies for repayment of disallowed program costs resulting from audit examinations of grant-funded projects.

Federal and State Regulatory and Administrative Law

For clients seeking regulatory relief or needing effective legal defense against federal or state claims for repayment of disallowed grant program costs, Krivit & Krivit provides a comprehensive array of legal services tailored to meet individualized specific needs. Krivit & Krivit also provides representation of local governments, non-profit and for-profit corporate clients at the Executive Branch levels of the federal and state governments on grant administration and program policy issues, informal resolution of technical deficiencies in grant-funded activities or projects, formal requests for discretionary waivers, audit resolution, formal presentations in agency rulemaking, and adjudication of federal and state grantor agency claims against clients resulting from audits or investigations of grant-funded activities and projects.

Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) – Conveyance and Redevelopment

In this specialized area of our legal practice, Krivit & Krivit deploys a range of legal and technical services on behalf of local governments adversely affected by formal BRAC closure of military installations located within their jurisdictional boundaries. We work with local government clients on all aspects of the political, legal, economic and environmental transition of a former military installation into a highly-productive economic asset that produces substantial numbers of new jobs and new revenues for the community. Our client services include legal assistance in the establishment and chartering of the BRAC-required Local Redevelopment Authority, and providing legal representation and counsel to the LRA and its local government in all aspects of the complex process to secure formal conveyance of the former military installation for economic redevelopment. We provide legal representation in negotiation with the cognizant DoD military department, DoD’s Office of Economic Adjustment, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (as pertinent) and cognizant State authorities with respect to federally-funded environmental investigations and remediation actions preceding conveyance. On behalf of our clients, we also work to secure DoD/OEA, USEDA and other federal funding assistance for redevelopment planning, engineering studies, demolition of asbestos-contaminated structures, emergency stabilization of critical infrastructure, and construction/reconstruction of water, wastewater, and storm water infrastructure, as well as roadways and intermodal transportation hubs and major utilities necessary to support planned redevelopment of the BRAC installation.