Sandra Stephenson Krivit

sandrakrivitSandra Stephenson Krivit is a senior legislative adviser and regulatory specialist, representing the legislative and public policy interests of clients at the Congressional and Executive Branch agency levels. She assists clients on the acquisition and administration of federal grants, as well as the planning and design of model public-private partnership projects in economic development, education, healthcare, environmental conservation and transportation.

Recognized for her expertise in federal procurement and audit resolution, Sandra has assisted clients to successfully defend their local grant programs against federal claims for repayment of questioned costs. She has also made numerous presentations on audit quality and related matters before national and regional working groups of the Intergovernmental Audit Forum and senior audit managers and staff of the federal Inspectors General.

In the federal program arena, Sandra’s principal focus areas are economic development and community revitalization, conveyance and redevelopment of former military installations under the Congressional BRAC process, transportation infrastructure improvement projects, community health center and hospital improvement projects, education and workforce development, homeland security and environmental protection.

Sandra’s professional background includes Congressional staff experience on the legislative staff of Senator Jacob K. Javits (R-N.Y.), Congressman Dominick V. Daniels (D-N.J.), Congressman Orval Hansen (R-ID) and Congressman John Pillion (R-N.Y.).